This Amazon Daily Deal Is Going Down the Drain

Reading Time: 1 minute


Most mornings that I post one of these Amazon Daily Deals, I try to focus on gadgets, electronics, pop culture, and other stuff that will appeal to the geeky folks who read GeekDad. And while there is a nice pair of Skullcandy bluetooth headphones on sale today, I think the other big daily deal is a more homey alternative.

In my life, I’ve installed a few garbage disposals. It’s one of the simpler plumbing-related things you can do yourself, involving just two connections and a power cord, but it’s very satisfying to get the work done, turn on the water, toss a couple scraps down the drain, flip the swich, and listen to the blades whirl away. And today, Amazon is selling the Waste King 8000 series 1-hp garbage disposal for just $88. No, it’s not a glamorous gadget or cool bit of anime, but it is a useful piece of kitchen hardware.

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