Turn Your iPod Nano Into a Timepiece With iWatchz

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I have not worn a watch since 2005. My children barely know what a watch is. So when I recently had a chance to check out a few different styles of the new iWatchz watchband clip system for the iPod Nano, I thought it would be nice to try wearing one again. All these years, I have been pulling out my cell phone to check the time; like an electronic pocket watch. These bands let you multitask your Nano for timekeeping and mobile entertainment and they are perfect for “back to school.”

iWatchz offer four different styles of bands each with a full set of fashion colors and designs. I picked up a Q band for working out to start. It is a grey soft silicone band with a black clip that perfectly accents my graphite Nano. For the more colorful personalities, iWatchz offers all eight of the colors in which the iPod Nano is available.

I enjoyed having a “watch” on my wrist again! I decided to try out one of their higher-end bands for my daytime job. I normally wear a suit and tie to work, so I needed something a little more elegant than the colored bands. I picked up one of the Timepiece bands in black leather. One interesting item of note is that it has a clasp much like a more expensive metal watch band clasp. This makes the iWatchz band very secure, especially with its stainless steel clip and pins — you are not going to accidentally lose this watch.

For all the times when I am not sweating or holding down my desk at work, I snatched up one of their Carbon bands. This watch band is the “sweet spot” of the different styles. It is stylish enough to wear anywhere and it is designed to take a beating. It is a black carbon fiber looking band with a black aluminum clip. Actually, at the time of this writing it is the iWatchz band that I wear the most. Overall, it is just so great to have my iPod Nano on hand at all times — music, podcasts, and a clock!

For more information on these and more iWatchz bands, check out www.iWatchz.com.

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