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Today's 'TableTop' Episode Is 'Legendary'

Tabletop Games

Today’s episode of TableTop is about one of my favorite games: Legendary, a cooperative deck-building game set in the Marvel universe. It features Allie Brosh, Mark Fischbach, and Brea Grant along with host Wil Wheaton as they take on the Red Skull and his nefarious scheme.

Playing in the Marvel universe lets everyone gush about their favorite characters. Wil is partial to Deadpool, Allie is all about the Hulk Smash, and Brea builds up her tech with Iron Man. And Mark? Well, he seems to have a thing for Maria Hill.

The team plays Legendary in semi-cooperative mode: you work together to take down the mastermind, but then you get to count up points at the end to see who was the MVP. Will they stop Red Skull, or will his scheme twists defeat them? Will Hawkeye prove useful to the team? Will Mark’s economic strategy pay off in the end? Watch the episode to find out.

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