'Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers' Now Available!

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Image courtesy of Hasbro
Image courtesy of Hasbro

Back in October, I wrote about an as-yet-to-be-named Magic: The Gathering board game. The concept was pretty exciting – Hasbro was working with Wizards of the Coast, pulling together designers from HeroScape and other great games like Risk Legacy, to develop a strategy board game set in the MtG universe.

Since then, the folks at Hasbro have been busy pulling together the finishing touches. And just in time for the long holiday weekend, Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers is now available on Amazon and at select game shops! The game will be everywhere else, including HasbroToyShop.com, on August 1.

Image courtesy of Hasbro
Image courtesy of Hasbro

The final product looks great and manages to capture that HeroScape vibe while, very obviously, still being a MtG game. My only complaint at first glance is that I wish the White mana units were, well, white. But that’s nothing a little paint can’t fix. I’m waiting for a copy to review here at GeekDad HQ, so I can’t tell you how it plays yet; but in the meantime, I can give you a teaser of what’s in the box:

Image courtesy of Hasbro
Image courtesy of Hasbro


  • 6 modular board pieces
  • 4 plastic terrain pieces
  • 3 plastic glyphs
  • 2 temple ruins
  • 5 Painted Planeswalker Mini Figures
  • 30 Squad Mini Figures
  • One 20-sided die
  • 8 Combat dice
  • 30 Damage Counters
  • 60 spell cards
  • 10 Squad stat cards
  • 5 Planeswalker cards

If you love Magic: The Gathering and have been looking for a new way to bring the game to the table, or if you’re a fan who’s been wanting to branch out into new formats, like tactical miniature gaming, or maybe you just miss HeroScape, this is going to a great game to bring to the table this summer!

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