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Help Your Kids Love Learning With LoveMath

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Over the past several weeks I’ve spoken extensively about the LoveMath™ online learning system from GeekDad’s latest sponsor, GPA Learn. I’ve explored its robust progress tracker as well as its integrated reward system, but something I’ve only touched on is the effectiveness of the tutorials themselves.

The gamified lessons are broken down into a series of “math quests,” specialized subsections that reinforce and build upon prior learning. Each quest in my child’s fourth grade curriculum takes place in the fantasy-themed land of Adds-A-Lot with a bespectacled owl–think a less pretentious version of The Sword in the Stone‘s Archimedes with extensive text-to-speech dialog–serving as tutor, sidekick, and on-screen cheering section.

Keeping with the avian theme, LoveMath™ encourages the FOWL system. This acronym serves as a mnemonic device for the steps used to approach, solve, and check the presented problems:

Figure out the information given and determine what you’re being asked to find out
Organize the presented data
Work out the problem
Look at your answer to make sure it’s reasonable and correct

I really like this approach, particularly when it comes to looking critically at one’s answer before moving on. I’ll admit when I first encountered the cartoony nature of LoveMath™, I worried that my son would think it too immature, too babyish, but he continues to take the fantastical narrative (and requisite corny puns) in stride.

Most importantly, it’s helping to keep him engaged in learning during the lean months of summer vacation, and that alone seems like magic to me. If you’re looking for a way to beat the summer slump, I wholeheartedly recommend LoveMath™–and don’t forget that GPA is offering a $30 discount on the yearly subscription with the special coupon code GPAGKDAD15.

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