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Gen Con, Gen Can't

With less than three weeks left until Gen Con, tabletop gamers are gearing up for the “best four days in gaming.” I’m looking forward to meeting up with many of the publishers and designers that I only get to see in person about once a year, and of course the many, many new games that will be released at the convention. And, of course, the GeekDad crew is excited for another attempt at True Dungeon–maybe this time won’t end in a TPK.

I’ll admit that I’m going into Gen Con a bit unprepared this year. I’ve been trying to catch up on Kickstarter reviews and a bunch of games that I’ve had sitting around since almost last Gen Con, so I haven’t spent much time looking up what’s going to be released this year. But that’s okay–at the convention, I’ll walk around the exhibit hall most of the open hours, and I like being surprised. I’m looking forward to hanging out with fellow GeekDads Dave Banks and John Booth again, and this time Jim Kelly will be joining us, so it’ll be fun to sit down and play some games with him finally. If you’re attending Gen Con, keep an eye out for me in the open play areas after the exhibit hall closes–I love meeting new gamers and learning new games!

GeekDad is one of Gen Con’s official media partners this year, so expect some more stories about Gen Con once we get back home, and follow us on Twitter for photos from the convention floor.

But even if you can’t make it to Indianapolis this year, there are ways you can participate (and win prizes)! Gen Can’t was started last year when several gamers lamented the fact that they were missing out on all the Gen Con fun. The #GenCant hashtag was born, and a fantastic “unconvention” took place. People played games at home and posted photos of the great games they were playing, the lack of long lines, and “cosplay.” Several publishers and gamers stepped up and offered prizes, too.

So, if you’re not attending Gen Con, be sure to check out Gen Can’t. Non-registration is free, lodging is much easier to find, and you won’t have to fight the crowds for lunch.

Whether you’re at Gen Con or Gen Can’t, happy gaming!

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4 thoughts on “Some Gen Con, Some Gen Can't

  1. Come by and check out Mantic Games. I’ll be running demos of DreadBall and Deadzone in the gaming hall, and spending some time around the booth as well. We’d love to have a chance to talk to you. There’s some great new stuff coming out this year.

  2. In my best Ace Ventura voice: “This is my Graceland.”

    Cannot wait to get to my FIRST GenCon… WOOH!

  3. For what it’s worth, I’ve just published a geek’s guide to Indianapolis for the benefit of people who come for the convention. There are a lot of amazing things to see and do and great places to eat, drink, and shop that you might never know about if you don’t have the time to get to know the place.

    Check it out…

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