In Case You Forgot: 'Armada' Comes Out in One Week

Armada Cover

I’m a bit envious of all you geeks who will get their hands on Ernie Cline’s newest release, Armada, next Tuesday (July 14). I got to read an advanced copy (see my review here), so I already know what happen… no spoilers, but such a fun read.

It’s been a long wait since Cline’s Ready Player One, so just a few words of advice:

1. Grab yourself a copy now – Amazon will have it to you the day it’s out. First edition. Don’t wait for the paperback. Too risky to hear a spoiler or two — or, shudder, the ending — from a fellow geek.

2. If time permits, put in your copy of The Last Starfighter on Monday night and give it a good watch. Bonus points if you have a copy of (and time for) Iron EagleJust trust me.

3. Set a calendar reminder for Monday, July 20th — I’m setting up an impromptu Geek Book Club for Armada. No coffee or muffins or throw pillows. Just show up here next Monday and be prepared to share your thoughts on the book. I figure a week is long enough, so avoid it like Ebola if you’re not yet done reading.

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