9 Awesome New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

Electronics Engineering Kickstarter

2e72a7c12afb62bb65ca441e1960d2c6_original??Minim: Pocket-sized Wireless Instrument for Music Creation
Fun little MIDI controller with tactile buttons, from the makers of Guitar Wing.

Bevel – 3D Photography for any Smartphone or Tablet
This laser scanner plugs into your headphone jack and captures 3D photos.

Meta Mesh: Community Wireless Networks for All
Creators of neighborhood networks in Pittsburgh want to share their knowledge.

SunPort – Plug into Solar Power. No Panels Required.
This is a little complicated — basically you’re buying solar microcredits, automatically.

GovTrack Insider
Adding more human input to a valuable tool for understanding legislation.

Flexible, Compostable*, Resilient 3D Printer Filament
Now botched prints can end up in the garden. See also PHAbulous Philaments.

HypnoLights, Full Color Animated String Lights
Blinky patterns that “will not repeat during the lifetime of the universe.”

James Webb Deployable Model
Building and sharing a robotic model of NASA’s next great space telescope.

VR Camp at Burning Man
This could be useful for when the playa starts to feel a little ho-hum.


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