Rock Father’s Day with the Libratone Live Audio System


Libratone Lounge unitLibratone Lounge unitAs I have written about in previous posts, my wife is an audiophile. We have a music collection that puts even iTunes to shame in the number of recorded tracks. That being said, all the music in the world is only as good as the system you play it on. I have also reviewed many headphones over the past few years and most of them perform admirably. However, our kids are getting older, so things do not need to be as quiet around the house as they once were.

Personally, I have always been a Bose Sound Systems person. It is not that I have thought that if it was expensive it must be good; I just prefer the smaller form factor and ease of use. I know that you can purchase component systems that will rock the house to the foundation, but typically they take up too much room and require miles of cabling. Bose just always seemed to have rich sound in a little package.

My Libratone SpeakerMy Libratone Speaker

My little room blaster

Upon deciding to upgrade our home sound system from the now aged Bose 3-2-1 system to something more modern, we found the answer at an Apple store instead of the regular electronics emporium. We took a look at the Libratone Live sound system. This was a huge change in the normal thought of sound systems because everything is built into the speaker. When I say everything is built into the speaker, I mean everything – including a Wi-Fi receiver. The Libratone Live utilizes AirPlay, allowing users to stream songs from their music libraries on Mac or PC, as well as music stored on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, through their Wi-Fi network.

One cable from the audio out on the TV turns it into your home theater system also. It uses the television’s volume setting, so there is no additional remote needed. If you do want to change any of the setting on the system independently – there is an app for that. The Libratone is adjusted through downloaded apps on the mobile devices. Your iPod can be the remote control. How cool is that? The television line in also has priority over the Wi-Fi. No need for a mode switch. To go back to Wi-Fi audio, just turn off the TV.

Honestly, the Libratone systems are pretty pricey. We went with the smaller Libratone Live model, which is small and even has a handle for easy placement. We wanted to be able to use it anywhere, including outside. They also have a larger Libratone Lounge model, which is designed to stand alone or to fit under a TV or anywhere aesthetically all while enjoying the same exceptional sound.

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