W+K’s David Neevel Shreds His In-Box

Reading Time: 1 minute

When faced with solving a problem common to workers everywhere, David Neevel picks up his guitar. The Wieden + Kennedy creative used some free time to address how much time typing emails takes away from other important activities, like shredding on a cool guitar. He solved the problem by letting you do both.

Neevel hooked up his guitar to the network to use it in place of a computer keyboard. He mapped out combinations of notes and strings to produce a signal for the computer to mimic keystrokes. Once the computer gets its bytes to work with, it doesn’t care how they were produced. The real question is now: What was Jimi Hendrix really telling us in Stone Free?

Read more about the project on W+K, or watch the video above (which does contain some swearing).

HT @marshallk

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