Meet the Ares 3 Crew in the New Teaser From ‘The Martian’

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A fun new teaser trailer for The Martian dropped last night. The three and a half-minute video does a great job of establishing not only the crew but the world in which the story takes place.

When I read GeekDad James Kelly’s review of The Martian last year, I immediately got the book and read it. I loved so much about the book: the characters, the story, the tension, and, most importantly, the hope. With so much of our fiction being about a bleak future, The Martian stands out as a story about hope and bringing humanity together to achieve a purpose. But don’t worry, that isn’t a smack-you-in-the-face point of the story.

I was very happy to learn, shortly after finishing the book that The Martian was being made in to a film. Hearing that my favorite actress, Jessica Chastain, would be in it, sealed the deal for me.

And now we finally get to meet all of the cast and crew of the Ares 3. The teaser trailer presents a perfect look into the personality of each character. Matt Damon’s Mark Watney gives a quick tour of the Ares 3 and its crew; magically, in just three minutes, I felt like I already knew and got each and every crew member. This teaser itself stands as a testament to the abilities of the cast and the filmmakers. I can’t wait for The Martian to be released on November 25, 2015.

Editor’s note: The official trailer for The Martian is now available:

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    1. For sure! We are definitely seeing this in the theater. It’s tough with kids having to decided which movies are important enough to go through the whole sitter and scheduling thing for but this is certainly one of them!

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