GeekDad Legal Settlement Fundraising Update: ON TARGET

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thermometerJust a little update to let you all know how we’re doing. Our campaign officially started at the beginning of April. We need to raise $80k over the following 30 months. As of the start of June, we’ve raised $7k (THANK YOU SO MUCH). Being good, conservative geeks, if we continue to raise money at the rate of $3k per month, we can make it!

That’s where all of you come in, of course.

We raise funds a few different ways: donations via GoFundMe and Patreon, advertising via Google AdSense and Federated Media, Affiliate accounts such as, and paid sponsorships. If you want to make sure GeekDad keeps doing what we’re doing, it would be great if you picked one or more of those methods with which to help us. Make a one-time donation via GoFundMe. Become an ongoing patron via Patreon. Click on the ads we run, and buy the sponsored products we write about, so the advertisers know we have a valuable audience (we KNOW we do!). Or buy things through the Daily Deal posts we run. All these things help, and anything you can do is greatly appreciated!


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