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Reinventing Medicine With Virtual Reality

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The potential for utilizing virtual reality (VR) to enhance real-world experience continues to grow and only shows signs of gaining momentum as the technology becomes more affordable and available. Recently, the Miami Children’s Hospital agreed to work with Next Galaxy Corp on the development of immersive virtual reality medical instructional content for patient and medical professional education. As part of the agreement, they are jointly developing instructional VR sessions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other lifesaving procedures, which will be released as smartphone applications.

Incorporating eye gaze control, gestures and voice commands while “walking around” inside an emergency medical experience, Next Galaxy’s Virtual Reality Model will be able to educate users far beyond today’s passive methodology of passively watching video and taking written tests.

Next Galaxy Hospital VR

The medical VR models will be viewable via VR devices such as Google Cardboard, VRONE and Oculus Rift as well as through smartphones and desktops as 3D experiences. Assessments will be incorporated directly into the medical VR models, creating situations where participants are required to make the appropriate decisions about proper techniques. The Virtual CPR instructional, for example, will measure metrics and provide real-time feedback ensuring participants accurately perform CPR techniques. Further, the instructional will explain mistakes and prompt users to try again when errors are made.

Through the continued development of fully-immersive virtual reality experiences and the related technology, users will realize the potential of virtual reality as a tool in education, entertainment, tourism and more. Companies like Next Galaxy Corporation, through development of their CEEK product (a fully immersive entertainment and educational social virtual reality platform) and their partnership with the Miami Children’s Hospital, will play a tremendous role in how VR will evolve.

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