The Geeky Bags You’ve Been Looking For

Harley Quinn Bag by Odd Duck Studios, image via ODS
Harley Quinn bag by Odd Duck Studios. Image via ODS.

The geek and the feminine haven’t often collided in fashion, but that’s changing with advent of Her Universe, We Love Fine, and Etsy outlets. Now Odd Duck Studios have hand-made quilted Fan Girl Bags.

This is the first time I’ve fallen in love with a purse. Full disclosure: They’re made by a friend who co-moderated Gail Simone’s forum with me on Comic Book Resources, but if I didn’t know her, I wouldn’t have spotted these bags on her Facebook feed and immediately sent her a one-word message:


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This is based on the pre-Crisis Justice League of America. photo by Odd Duck Studios.
This is based on the pre-Crisis Justice League of America. Photo by Odd Duck Studios.

And the interior:

JLA, fan girl purse,
The interior of the JLA bag. Photo by Corrina Lawson.

The bags are $25 each, plus shipping. Because they make each one by hand, each will have slight differences. They’re 9 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 10 inches high, handmade, have a magnetic snap, and are machine-washable. They’re available with either longer or short handles, and come with a flap over the top that snaps shut. I’ve already started using mine and love it.

Here are samples of others that they make below. They also have DC Super Powers and two Avengers varieties. If you don’t see what you want, use the contact form on the website and ask. And if you can’t wait for shipping and live near Jackson, Mississippi, Odd Duck will be exhibiting at Mississippi Comic Con.

Interior of the Harley Quinn bag, photo by Odd Duck Studios
Interior of the Harley Quinn bag. Photo by Odd Duck Studios.
The Star Wars bag. Photo by Odd Duck Studios.
The Doctor Who/Tardis exterior,photo by Odd Duck Studios
The Doctor Who/Tardis exterior. Photo by Odd Duck Studios.
Doctor Who, Vincent Van Gogh exploding TARDIS
The interior of the Doctor Who bag. Photo by Odd Duck Studios.

And this fabric, not yet a bag, arrived this week, Deadpool fans:

Deadpool, fan girl bags
Fabric for the Deadpool bag. Photo by Odd Duck Studios.

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