3D Printing: Door Latch

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3D Printed Door Latch
3D Printed Door Latch. Photo by Anton Olsen

When people learn that I’ve built a couple 3D printers one of the first questions I hear is: “What do you print with it?” My first answer is generally “Another printer,” and while that is partially true, it is also a smart-aleck answer. Truthfully though, I do use my printers for practical things.

Our ’70s-built house has a lot of louvered closet doors, and due to settling of the foundation a few of them have trouble staying shut. I’ve considered rehanging them and leveling the jam, but I’d still have an issue with the dogs nosing their way in where they don’t belong.

To keep the doors shut, and the dogs out, I designed an easy to use latch that locks the two door knobs (more like cupboard knobs) together. The design in OpenSCAD is fully configurable. Measure between the knobs, plug in the inside and outside measurements, diameter of the knob (nearest the door), render, and print.

I printed this model at 0.3mm layer height with PLA. I recommend a minimum of 3 bottom and top layers and 25 or 30% rectilinear infill. Keep in mind the size of your print bed and consider turning the model 45 degrees before slicing to make it fit.

You can download a copy of the model from my Github at Github/AntonOlsen.

OpenSCAD Screen Shot

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