Begun, These Jurassic Wars Have

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What happens when you mix Yoda with a Brachiosaurus? Or Han Solo with a Velociraptor? Why, just the best summer blockbuster pop-culture mashup this side of Isla Eisley: Jurassic Wars.

While I will give the designer, Cody Petersen, a little bit of grief for the “Ehhhhh, ohhh-KAY, I see it” R2/Pterodactyl mash-up, all is forgiven because I never knew how empty my life was without a Tristormatops.

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The rest of the pics are over on the and it’s well worth the click through (especially for the last design – it’s fantastic).

All that’s needed is an Emperor Palpatine/John Hammond character to joyfully pull the strings. “Oh no, my young Ian. You will find that it is you who are mistaken, about a great many things. We spared no expense…”

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