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It kind of surprised me that my used-to-be shy 10 year old wanted to sign up for the annual lip sync show at his school. Not only would he (we) have to put together a group of at least two brave friends, but they’d eventually perform their song in front of an auditorium packed with friends and family.

He seemed game, so we signed up. Just for the record, there’s no way on earth you would’ve gotten me on that stage, shaking what my mama tried to give me, when I was his age. I gave him huge points for bravery.

Sam and his posse, after their successful performance

As I sat through the first and only rehearsal night, then the actual show a few days later, the differences between his fourth grade year and mine became very clear. It went way beyond bravery and catapulted into this new technological age he’s growing up in.

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