Suspense and Tension Lurk as ‘TableTop’ Plays the Indie RPG ‘Dread’

Geek Culture Tabletop Games

TableTop leaves the glossy boards and sturdy cards of high production/big publisher board games this week to play the ENnie award-winning, indie horror/suspense RPG, Dread. There are lots of RPGs out there, but what makes Dread unique is that there is no dice rolling. Instead, the only mechanic is Jenga. (Technically, “a tower of blocks” since Jenga isn’t licensed for Dread, but you get the idea.) In gameplay, if the tower falls on your turn, very, very bad things happen to your character.

In this episode, part one of two, you’ll get a look at what the upcoming Geek & Sundry RPG show, Titansgrave, might be like as Wil acts as DM to guests  Laura Bailey, Molly Lewis, Ivan Van Norman. The party will try not to die or go crazy or suffer some other horrible fate in an episode that’s suspenseful and entertaining to watch. Enjoy!

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