Daily Deals 110216

Save on Replacement ‘Scrabble’ Tiles, Get Your Talking Peter Capaldi ‘Doctor Who’ Plush!

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Daily Deals 110216

Scrabble is one of those classic games that totally holds up, and really appeals to geeks, because it’s about what you know and how you use that knowledge in constrained situations. But what happens when you lose tiles from you box? Usually, you have to buy a whole new game set (not super-expensive, but still, a waste). But not anymore. Today, you can pick up this replacement tile set (which is useful for a lot more than just Scrabble) for just $7!

Everyone needs a little more of The Doctor in their lives, and this, and what more perfect way than with this 9″ tall talking plush toy of current Doctor Peter Capaldi? It even has the tactical eyebrows! You can get it today for just $16!


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