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Got My Mind on My Money (And My Money on My Phone)

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As a single parent, it falls to me alone to manage my family’s money. Regular monthly bills are easy enough, as most of them are auto-drafted from my checking account. But, as any parent can tell you, there are always unexpected incidentals.

I don’t mind the occasional trip to the ATM to grab lunch money for my son or fieldtrip fees for my daughter, but cash that’s not explicitly earmarked for such purchases? Well, let’s just say it has an unfortunate way of escaping from my wallet into the financial ether.

Recently I’ve begun using a person-to-person payment service to further eliminate my reliance on cash. If I ever need to split up the price of a baby shower gift with my workmates or go in for pizza with my gaming group, it’s much more efficient than having to scrawl out a check.

GeekDad’s newest sponsor, Popmoney, is a personal payment service that makes paying your friends, your family, and even the babysitter easy. You can send money using another person’s email or mobile number using your debit card or an existing bank account. Sure, other e-payment services like Venmo, SquareCash, and PayPal also help facilitate virtual payments, but Popmoney has the added benefit of being available via more than 2,400 secure financial institutions and is offered by 6 of the top 10 retail financial institutions in the country.

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