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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

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Monte Cook Games has launched a Kickstarter for their kid-focused roleplaying game, No Thank You, Evil!

No Thank You, Evil! is a new roleplaying game from Monte Cook Games aimed at creative kids and their families. Monte Cook and company have completed and delivered on multiple wildly successful Kickstarters such as Numenera and The Strange. Based on the Cypher System, these games are rules-lite and focus on story rather than mechanics.

Like its adult-focused cousins, No Thank You, Evil! has players create characters by building a simple descriptive sentence, “I am an <adjective> <noun> that <verb>s.” Whether playing as a Smart Princess who Experiments with Science, or a Cool Robot who Plays with Ooey Gooey Things, No Thank You, Evi! promises to let your child’s imagination run wild.

Whereas conventional board games constrain players’ actions, ‘No Thank You, Evil!’ sets kids’ imaginations free: Their options are limited only by their creativity. Together, the players create a story as they work together to make their way through the adventure!


Character concept art by Cathy Wilkins.
Character concept art by Cathy Wilkins provided by Monte Cook Games, LLC.

The rules are designed to be scalable, allowing play and challenge for players as young as five as well as teenagers and adults. While games can be cheery lighthearted affairs; in games with younger players, once per game each player can call out “No Thank You, Evil!,” the game’s namesake mechanic, to get out of a situation that’s too intense for him or her. “It’s a great way to give younger players a voice in the flavor of the game, helping tailor your adventures to the needs of your family!”

No Thank You, Evil! was fully funded in its first couple of days on Kickstarter. Getting in now allows you to back the Kickstarter Edition that includes a deluxe box containing upgraded components, character sheets, a cloth map of Storia, the campaign world, as well as stretch goals that are sure to be added as the funding grows.

Whether you are an experienced role-player, or looking to learn, if you’re hoping to introduce younger children to the joys of tabletop RPGs without limiting their imagination with complex and restrictive rules, the No Thank You, Evil! Kickstarter is definitely something you should check out. Monte Cook and Monte Cook Games have a history of creating high-quality products from years of experience in the industry, and multiple completed Kickstarters.

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    1. I see that one of Monte Cook’s other games Numenera is also available as a PDF for a third the price. I imagine they would do the same with ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

      1. I saw that the Box Of Awesome pledge level included both the physical copy and the PDF version. But I found it to be out of my price range. As it stands, I’m planning to gift the basic box to a friend.

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