Kickstarter Alert: Wee Beasties Cute RPG Plush Creatures

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WeeBeasties-coverAs I mentioned in a previous post, I am always looking for ways to introduce my son to my geek hobbies, like RPGs, without feeling like I’m forcing them on him. Wee Beasties brings cute, big-eyed, baby-like monsters to our kids in a fun, accessible way.

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WeeBeasties-ManticoreLast year, author Andi Smith, along with illustrator Marina Neira, successfully Kickstarted Wee Beasties: Bedtime, a children’s book that features all your favorite RPG monsters–owlbears, dragons, medusa, manticore, and more–along with a cute, fun rhyme for each one. The book is a fun read with rhymes that my son enjoyed and giggled through. And each page, in addition to featuring a specific cute version of a normally terrifying monster, holds a handful of easter eggs that won’t mean much to your little one but that adds an extra level of enjoyment to the lucky geek parent reading the book.

I never thought I’d want my two-ear-old to cuddle a manticore!

Wee Beasties has just launched a second Kickstarter to bring their cute renditions of the fantasy creatures to life with plush toys! The main goal of the campaign is to make the Wee Manticore a reality, but the stretch goals are for the Wee Owlbear, Wee Medusa, Fierce the Kyxi, and the Snowy Wee Owlbear. All plushes will be about eight inches tall, made of minky fabric, and finished with embroidered details.

Rewards for the campaign include multiple plush toys, an enhanced eBook version of Wee Beasties: Bedtime, and an adoption certificate for your Wee Beastie plush. The highest tier reward (which fully funds the project in one donation) allows you to choose any Wee Beastie from the book and have them produce it!

My son has asked me to read him Wee Beasties: Bedtime almost every night since we got the book, and I’m sure he’ll love the cute and cuddly Wee Manticore when it arrives.

Note: I was given a review copy of the book, but all words and thoughts here are wholly my own.

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