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Last Day to Back ‘Apocrypha’

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Apocrypha Components
Apocrypha box mockup by Lone Shark Games

Well, folks, just in case you didn’t back Apocrypha on the first day when I recommended it, here’s one more chance. The Kickstarter campaign ends today (at 2pm Eastern) and a whole slew of things has been unlocked.

  • The game will now include all nine main chapters–Skinwalkers, Deathless, Fae, Animus, Dreamers, Damned, Golems, Serpents, and Physicians–plus a bonus chapter The Secrets of Candlepoint.
  • Memory fragments will be written by a bunch of authors: Matt Forbeck, Bruce Cordell, Jerry “Tycho” Holkins, Kij Johnson, Keith Baker, Erin M. Evans, Mary Robinette Kowal, Wolfgang Baur, Kris Straub, and Patrick Rothfuss. Matt Forbeck is also going to write some fiction set in this world.
  • You’ll be able to make your own cards with DriveThruCards’ custom card creator.
  • There are 9 new cross-chapter missions, with extra multicolor fragment cards to go with them.
  • Ultra PRO has a bunch of add-ons, including a character binder, deck boxes, and playmats.

So now for your $99 pledge, you’ll be getting something like 1,300 cards. (You can still pledge for the first chapter only at $66, but I’m pretty sure the retail price on the whole shebang is probably going to be more.)

Apocrypha Master's Edition
Mockup of Apocrypha Master’s Edition from Lone Shark Games

Or, for you big spenders out there, you can get the fancy Master’s Edition for $333, made to look like a big journal. It’ll have inserts to hold the cards securely in place, custom dice, and be numbered and signed by Mike Selinker.

As of this writing, there are just a few more stretch goals yet to be reached: extra dice, nine sample RPG missions, and a special Day Zero promo card that will only be available before the game hits retail shelves.

The campaign has been a lot of fun to follow (if you didn’t back early on, it’s worth going back to check the various updates for the Dr. Zeez puzzles that were included in several of them) and it’s great to know that this game that Selinker envisioned will finally (eventually) get to my table. Once I’ve gotten through Wrath of the Righteous, of course.

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