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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Dino Dude Ranch’ Relaunch

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Dino Dude Ranch

Dino Dude Ranch is back! The first Kickstarter campaign didn’t fund, so Dan Letzring has reworked his campaign a bit and is taking another crack at crowdfunding.

This time around, Leztring has dropped the funding goal a little, as well as the pledge price for a copy of the game. You can now pledge for a copy of the game for $23, but there’s still a $29 level that will include the Velociraptors expansion and custom wooden resource tokens.

The game components have gotten some redesign, so now the dinosaur tiles have both their point values and their required foods printed directly on them. The player mats, hunting grounds mat, and cards have also been updated.

If you backedĀ Dino Dude Ranch last time and were disappointed that it didn’t fund, here’s your opportunity to help it succeed. And if you missed it last time around, read my review here and take a look at the new Kickstarter campaign!

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