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Hey DMs! Two MORE New 5th Edition Adventures!

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Fifth Edition Fantasy Collection

If you missed David Ewalt’s interview with Nathan Stewart, Wizards of the Coast’s brand director for Dungeons & Dragons, one of the big takeaways from that article was that D&D 5e is very much alive… and doing quite well. Steward shared that D&D 5e was “the best launch we’ve ever had” and stated that “everything exceeded our forecast,” two statements that are sure to bring smiles to D&D fans everywhere.

Here’s something else that will bring a smile to D&D fans (especially DMs)–Goodman Games has a new Kickstarter to raise funds to get two more Fifth Edition Fantasy adventures published and added to the two current adventures, FEF #1 Glitterdoom and FEF #2 The Fey Sisters’ Fate. (My original reviews of Glitterdoom and The Fey Sisters’ Fate)

Pillars Cover

The two new adventures are titled FEF #3: The Pillars of Pelagia and FEF #4: War-lock. Goodman Games was seeking to raise $5000.00, hit that goal in 48 hours, and are now adding stretch goals as the funding continues to climb. The biggest thing additional funds bring are lengthier adventures, with new encounters being added. As I’m writing this, they have hit the $11,000 mark, which will allow them to add a fifth encounter to FEF#3 and further stretch goals will now be applied to adding more encounters to FEF#4. Finally, if funding continues to grow, Goodman Games is looking to create a completely FREE FEF#5 The Dragon’s Maw for release on Free-RPG Day (June 20, 2015).

I have print copies of FEF#1 and FEF#2, and I can tell you the quality of the products are outstanding. Glossy, full-color covers and some amazing artwork inside including detailed maps and 5e compatible content that includes new races, new magic items, new spells, and even new background charts for your characters. While they can certainly be run as stand-alone adventures, they’re also perfect for squeezing into an existing campaign as the adventures have a solid starting and ending point.

War-Lock Cover

You can read all the details of the new Kickstarter on the official Fifth Edition Fantasy Modules project page. Shipping in the US is a flat $5 (no matter how many adventures you back, including purchasing the original two via the Kickstarter) and you can get print copies of the two newest adventures (or specify you want the original two) at the $20 level ($14 for PDF copies only).

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