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As you may have heard, we here at GeekDad just came through a lengthy legal adventure against our former partners at Condé Nast. We found an amicable settlement with the multi-billion-dollar media empire wherin we get to keep our brand, and we get to pay them a large sum of money. So we’ve been crowdfunding to help pay off those bills.

And the campaign has been going well. Over the last couple of weeks, over 160 people have pledged and delivered over $3,000, with more to come. But we’ve hit a bit of a plateau with respect to new donors. Luckily, someone has stepped up to lend us a hand (or, perhaps, a foot).

David Peck of (self-designed sock-of-the-month club) emailed me a couple days ago saying he wanted to help our campaign. And so, David has pledged a pair of Fighting Robot socks to the next 100 people who pledge at least $10 to our legal fundraising campaign.

robot fight

So, this is the deal: if you donate at least $10 to us at, or at (you can stop after 1 month, if you want), we’ll hit you up for shipping info, and will send you a pair of men’s socks like the ones above. Once the 100 are gone, that’s it. So pledge early!

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