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‘Smash Up: It’s All Your Fault’ Expansion Announced With Player Poll

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SmashUpLong time fans of Smash Up might not be able to agree on what the best faction is (it’s Robots). Or what combo works best together (it’s Robot Cyborg Apes). But we can all agree that we need more factions to fill out our Big Geeky Boxes and frustrate and enrage our opponents.

But what faction should be next? Ah, well then we start disagreeing again.

To that end, AEG, publisher of Smash Up, has your back. The next expansion they produce will be the Smash Up: It’s All Your Fault edition. Why ‘It’s All Your Fault?’ Who’s going to be in it? Why, they’re leaving that up to you!

You will help by nominating factions until May 11, then we will take the top 32 into a deathmatch bloodbath (also known as bracket voting eliminations), until we’re down [to] the final four who will be in the expansion.  It’s totally going to be your fault if it’s a bad set, so… don’t screw this up!

So you want to see Superheroes take the mat? Want to bring back the ’90s and have Cyberpunks in the mix? Wish that you could mop up your opponents with your favorite GeekDad writers? Now’s your chance to make your voice heard!

Hop on over and drop your idea in the bucket. You’ve got just over two weeks before the wild rumpus (or voting) begins!

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