Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 4 – Social Media Moms?

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Episode 4: Social Media Moms?

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Hello again! This week, we chat about Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration, an invitation-only blogger conference held at Walt Disney World in May. We cover what it is, why invitations are so coveted, and why in the world Jamie (a dad) received an invitation.


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4 thoughts on “Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 4 – Social Media Moms?

  1. Congratulations on your invite Jamie! My first #DisneySMMC invite was also a huge surprise and I was oblivious to all the social media buzz. Disney must see something in you that you might not even see yet.

    Have a great time, meet lots of people, and take TONS of pictures. And when you think you have taken enough pictures, TAKE MORE. It also wouldn’t hurt to jot down notes at the end of each exhausting day so you will remember everything when you get home.

    And don’t worry at all about taking your daughter out of school. It is kindergarten! This experience is far more important than anything she could learn at school.

    1. Thanks so much Kuleen! I’m really looking forward to it, and I’ll certainly take a LOT of pictures. And I’m sure a full recap will be in our future, so stay tuned!

  2. Hey guys! Finally catching up on the episodes I’ve missed. Congratulations on your DSMMC invitation, Jamie. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing all those photos. 🙂

    To answer the question on whether or not Moms Panelists get invited, I can tell you that they do. The invites vary from year-to-year, but a handful of Panelists are among the attendees. We’re not invited to be mentors or anything of that sort. We just enjoy the magic right along with everyone else.

    Have a great week!

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