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We are so grateful to all the folks who have already supported us via our ongoing Patreon Campaign. We are blown away that awesome people, like Alexis Ohanian – founder of Reddit – and John “Munchkin” Kovalic are on board. But we’re really hoping to go even further.

So far, the support we’re receiving will allow us to formally launch a second GeekDad podcast, Radio Free Hipster. We have a few more up our sleeve as well. But what we really want to do is turn this all into a true Podcast Network. We love other networks, like Nerdist and Frogpants, and we want to join in with our own shows, that will be of particular interest to members of the greater GeekDad community. We want to start the GeekDad Podcast Network.

But that kind of server action costs, and we need your help via our Patreon campaign to make it happen. Please, if you’ve ever enjoyed an episode of The GeekDads, HipTrax, or Radio Free Hipster, or any other of the content we’ve been delivering for the last 8 years, consider pledging as little as $1/month to support GeekDad’s growth. At higher pledge levels, there are some very cool rewards, including e-books and special projects, with more rewards to come. We hope you’ll join us in making GeekDad even better.

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