Review: ‘Close Enough’ Comedy Web Series

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CloseEnoughEver dream of going on a camping adventure with your buddies but haven’t made the time or got the gear? Then follow along as Kurt Yaeger and his friends try their hands at an adventure, or close enough.

Close Enough is a web series that follows Kurt Yaeger (Greg the Peg from Sons of Anarchy) and his two buddies, John Beck, and Huy Doan, as they pile into their SUV with all their gear and hit the road.

There are two episodes so far with more on the way. Each one is just a couple of minutes and will give you plenty of laughs watching these guys try their hand at camping. The content is pretty clean, no bad words, and nothing too crazy in what they do, but there are some vaguely sexually suggestive scenes so any kids watching should probably at least be in their early teens.

For more info about the web series and the cast, check out their site They also have a couple of really funny clips up there like “Where do you think baby tents come from?”

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