Take Your Fantasy Campaign to the Next Level With Dwarven Forge’s City Builder

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The folks at Dwarven Forge make some of the greatest construction kits for fantasy role-playing games around. Their modular building systems and amazing attention to detail will help you make your game exponentially more fun.


And after two previously-successful Kickstarter campaigns for their Game Tiles and Caverns sets, they’ve taken the whole thing up a notch, and return with new sets that allow gamers to build their own cities.

GeekDad Michael Harrison is a major Dwarven Forge user. Here are some pictures of the configurations he’s built for his games:

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From the Dwarven Forge City Builder Kickstarter page:

The City Builder System we’re introducing here is a long-standing Dwarven Forge dream. More than a decade ago, our founder, Stefan Pokorny set out to create a modular city terrain system inspired by the detailed maps he’d drawn depicting Valoria, the capital of his world of Mythras.

One of the key things to keep in mind: you are the master builder, and what’s shown here is just an example of what’s possible. The floors, walls, posts and roofs can be reconstructed in many different ways. You can build a single story 4″x4″ house. You can build multiple stories. You can increase the floor plan and build wider, deeper, or both. You can use Tudor or stone walls, wood or stone floors, slate or terracotta roofs.

And that’s just to start. Imagine an assortment of new rooftops, chimneys, different walls, shutters, interior accessories. Now add streets and sidewalks, townspeople, signs, lights, underground sewer pieces. With even a modest assortment, you can play for years and never build the same setup twice.

The sketch below shows how the basic building easily fits together.


This is a sponsored post, but please understand, a number of the GeekDad contributors use Dwarven Forge kits in their own games, and swear by them (in a good way). When I pointed the new sets out to our own GeekDad Dave Banks, his response was: “Those are amazing.”

I asked Dave how he liked Dwarven Forge, and he said: “When my group sits down to a little dungeon exploration, there is absolutely nothing that creates atmosphere and sets the mood like Dwarven Forge terrain. Whether we’re feeling our way down the dank, black corridors beneath Ravenloft or cautiously creeping up on the light of a fire in the Crystal Cave, Dwarven Forge terrain just makes everything feel more real. It’s the perfect scale for minis, is perfectly marked out for movement and combat ranges, and the heavy material can take lots of abuse and still look great. Dwarven Forge not only looks great, it really lets you step up your game.”

The campaign is already past its initial funding goal, and has met all but one of its (current) stretch goals. So, not only can you get basic buildings, but there are a number of free added pieces they are including, and fun detail bits, like cobblestone streets, balconies, and the ever-useful sewers. The folks at Dwarven Forge have sponsored this post to help get the news out to as many geeks as possible so everyone can get in on this project. You don’t even have to be an RPG’er to enjoy these; they make wonderful and very durable playsets, or use them in holiday displays!


There are 17 days left in the campaign, so it’s a great time to get in, and secure your fantasy gaming city-state now.

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