9 Neat New Kickstarter Projects This Week

Kickstarter Technology

53cf58ba4d1fcd093b8d5bc93ee3e734_largeIntroducing the Artiphon Instrument 1
Beautifully designed musical instrument that mimics a violin, a piano, a guitar…

Hackaball – A programmable ball for active and creative play
“A computer you can throw.” Make your own games with the app.

Podo – The First Stick & Shoot Camera
New frontiers in selfies! This little Bluetooth-connected camera sticks anywhere.

Stryd – The World’s First Wearable Power Meter for Running
Activity tracker that’s hyperfocused on data for runners.

Blue Freedom | The World’s Smallest Hydropower Plant
We’re seeing lots of projects for tiny, eco-friendly power generators like this.

Piper: a Minecraft Toolbox for Budding Engineers
Kids get hands-on electronics experience while playing Minecraft.

ChipWhisperer-Lite: A New Era of Hardware Security Research
How secure is that “secure” device? Find out with this open-source hacking tool.

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years!
Documentary on the Commodore Amiga and the ’80s/’90s games industry.

Original Commodore 64C Computer Housing in New Cool Colors
This guy stumbled across the original 5,000-pound steel molds for the 64C’s housing.

Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers
More than 40 female cartoonists illustrate their favorite videogame experiences.

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