The Modula5 system provides wireless Qi charging for the devices YOU have, not the ones they want you to.

All the Power From Modula5, None of the Wires

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The Modula5 charging system from RapidX is made of separate Qi-enabled pods that attach side-to-side with a simple magnetic connection. Android devices, iPhones, and AirPods can charge on the standard flat pods, and special pods have been created to allow you to charge an Apple Watch (of any generation). A single cable (provided) supplies power to the entire series of up to five pods or up to seven (7!) if you upgrade to a 65W power adapter. Swapping the standard adapter for this one will allow users to charge up to seven devices with a single cable. Connect pods to power up a maximum of five phones and two Apple Watches (or other low-powered Qi devices).

Breaking Modula5 news for GeekDad readers: Not only can you expect an updated pod with a MagSafe charger for Apple devices, we just heard that new colors for the pods are in development for release in the future.

GeekDad Review

We were sent a collection of Modula5 pods to test for purposes of this review (all opinions are, of course, our own). As a household charging device, the Modula5 is second to none, due to the flexibility that you have in picking the purpose and number of pads. At first, we had a full bank of five pods to charge devices overnight for me, my wife, and our son, plus an Apple Watch for both me and my wife.

Click-together flexibility allows users to recharge exactly what they want.
Click-together flexibility allows users to recharge exactly what they want.
Image Credit: RapidX

Then we moved two of the pods (for an iPhone and an Apple Watch) to my bedside, and I added the remaining pods to our suitcase for use when we go on our upcoming college tours for our oldest… the single power source is especially important in hotel rooms where outlets are at a premium! Bottom line? The flexibility of the Modula5 system is its greatest strength, not to mention the ability to choose both the type and number of devices that each user needs along with the option of changing that selection as you wish.

The entire Modula5 system is available on Amazon: Direct Link to the Modula5 Store (Affiliate Link)

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