Kickstarter Alert: Magic Element Plush Toys

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Image: Corvink
Image: Corvink

Corvink‘s Denis Caron, author of Large Air Whales Like Science (L.A.W.L.S.), has launched his second Kickstarter campaign: Magic Element Plush Toys. This time, Caron has stepped back from the publishing scene, and has created a collection of emotional magical elements. Each of the dolls represents an emotion and an element. The product lineup is Fire (angry), Water (sad), Wind (scared), and Earth (happy). Caron did not release all four dolls at once, though. Only Fire is currently funded, with the other dolls being stretch goals. Water, Wind, and Earth unlock at $4k, $6k, and $8k, respectively.

The highest backing rewards of each tier will include a copy of L.A.W.L.S. and a commissioned art piece from Caron himself.

Each of these dolls is intended to fit our emotions, and offer an extra form of expression and coping tools. From the Kickstarter page:

It fits our actual personalities! Being an artist I love the idea of creating things that reflect our “real” selves. Yes, we are all happy at times, but what about our other emotions? We also get mad, sad, and scared, yet that doesn’t make us any less lovable! In fact, our emotions are arguably rather endearing. Just look at these little guys, don’t you just want to cuddle them and make them feel better?

The risks of backing this project are very low. The Fire doll will go out to each of the backers in late spring or early summer. Backing now provides a doll at $16, meaning that lowest level backers are mostly making a purchase. If Fire isn’t your favorite, don’t worry: After the funding is over, Caron will send surveys to each of the backers, asking which doll(s) they prefer. If you buy the “2 Plush” reward track in the future, you could choose one water doll and one fire doll, two fire dolls, or two water dolls if you like! There will also be 3 Plush and 4 Plush options if the funding gets that high.

Whether the dolls are all unlocked or not, this is a fantastic product, and I can’t wait to get mine in the future! I’m still crossing my fingers for all four, though.

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