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New Game Trayz: Brew Crafters and Eclipse

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Brewcrafter Game Trayz

When I got my Kickstarter-backed copy of Brew Crafters from Dice Hate Me Games, the first thing I thought was, wow, this box must have a couple bottles of beer in it. It’s that heavy—filled with several sheets of cardboard to punch out … and no box insert. Game Trayz to the rescue!

Game Trayz are high-quality plastic inserts that not only help you organize all your game bits so it’s more efficient to set up a game, but some can also be used during the game to hold resources. Designed by Noah Adelman, these trays were one of the best things we saw at Gen Con last year. They’re custom-designed for specific games, and have a host of features that gamers will love: push-and-tilt cavities so you’ll never have to dump the whole thing over to get that last bit out, places for everything, and even lids so that pieces stay in place when your friend turns the box upside down to read the bottom.

So that’s why it’s great news that there will be a Brew Crafters tray soon! It looks like you’ll get one tray for the upgrade tiles, one for the beer batch tokens, and then two trays for the resources. The dual trays are designed so that you use them during the game—you can place some resources within reach of all the players. Game Trayz is taking pre-orders now, with expected delivery in 6-8 weeks, and here’s a coupon code just for you GeekDad readers: use BREWDAD10 to get 10% off the Brew Crafters trays if you order in January. Didn’t back Brew Crafters? You can add on a copy of that, too.

Eclipse Game Trayz

The other title that’s getting the Game Trayz treatment is Eclipse, an awesome 4X sci-fi game that comes with an unexpected bonus game: it’s a real-time cooperative dexterity game known as “Setup.” Really, the amount of time you’ll spend sorting out the technology tiles into their proper spaces is enough to play several rounds of Yardmaster Express. The Game Trayz will make that a breeze. You can order trays for the upgrade tiles, the technology tiles, or both in a bundle.

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