The Children from Written by a Kid Return to Geek & Sundry to Play Games on TableTop

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Written by a Kid is one of the more clever shows ever to appear on Geek & Sundry. Each episode of the show was dedicated to a story by a different kid, which was animated or acted out by adults, some with big names, like Joss Whedon. The results were charming, fun, and hilarious. Sadly, the show only lasted a single season.

But the kids who told their stories are back on Geek & Sundry, this time on an all kids episode of TableTop. On this week’s episode, Wil and kids Emily Anderson (La Munkya), Brett Baligrad (Mustache Kid), and Adam Chernick (Fire City) play Catan Junior.

Catan Junior is similar in many ways to the full-fledged Catan game, but with rules modified to be more kid-friendly. Also, the game has a pirate theme to it – and who doesn’t like pirates? Wil mentioned at Gen Con that he’s always wanted to do an episode featuring kids and he was able to realize that dream during season three. “At some point, we all started out at level one,” says co-producer Boyan Radakovich. “I’m glad we finally got to do this episode.”

Surely, Wil can beat a group of kids at a board game, can’t he? Can’t he? Watch to find out and then tune in next time, in two weeks, for another fun game on Christmas Day. Play more games!

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