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Come Play Space Movers at PBKW Comics and Games

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Space MoversIf you live in my neck of the woods (the greater Charlotte area) and if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your Thursday evening, I have a stellar suggestion. Just head down to Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne Comics and Games in nearby Cornelius, NC. This Thursday PBKW will be hosting, as part of its regular Thursday board game night, a special demo of upcoming Kickstarter title Space Movers.

This cooperative die-rolling space adventure from KnA Games — who are, full disclosure, also an upcoming GeekDad sponsor — is both a love letter to the classic space epics of old and a truly unique tabletop experience. With a focus on group tactics and resource management, not to mention a cool dice mechanic I’ll not ruin in this missive, it’s the perfect game for the dashing smuggler (or quirky crew member) in us all.

I’ll be there, and I hope to see you too!


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  1. Would love to do an event with the Queen City Game Club! Just signed up with the group and sent message. See you soon!

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