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Family Gamer TV have a Christmas competition to win some big Minecraft Lego kits and Osmo starter packs amongst other things. The competition is in the UK but prizes available worldwide.

Full details:

– The Ender Dragon (#21117 RRP £59.99)
– The Mine (#21118 RRP £89.99)
– Minecraft Bookpedia (RRP £14 * 5)
– Osmo for iPad (RRP £50)
– 110% Gaming Subscription (RRP £27 * 3)

To enter you can:
– Comment on this video.
– Follow and RT @FamilyGamerTV @GeekDadGamer @PlayOsmo
– Comment and Share on Facebook:

Each of these counts as one entry. Winners drawn at random and announced here at the start of 2015.

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13 thoughts on “Win Minecraft LEGO and Osmo

  1. Sign me up! I would be a hero (well, even more of one 😀 ) to my kids if I hauled home a bunch of Minecraft LEGOs.

  2. I love this contest. As a technology educator, I want to start a Minecraft in EDU program at our school. This prize package would be a great way to kick it off. I hope I win.

  3. The OSMO looks like it has great potential for use in schools. As a primary teacher, dad of two young girls and (according to my wife and kids) a geek, I can see lots of ways of using it. I currently teach a little girl who has learning difficulties and problems with fine motor skills. I can see how OSMO would help to develop both her cognitive and physical skills. Let’s get these in as many schools as possible! Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas.

  4. Comment and share on Facebook or Comment AND (then) share on Facebook? Either way, great prize package!

  5. Our son loves Minecraft – we have to literally peel him off it! I dont understand a lot about games (tetris is about as good as I get and if I played that forever until the end of time I would never get to the end)! So I asked our son and he said the Angry Birds videos – he usetd to be obsessed with Angry Birds which means we have sets of erasers which cant be used, soft toys which have to be placed in a certain way and a full set of ceramic cups that never get used….. at least he will have something to take with him when he grows up and moves out! haha

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