Mimoco’s New Star Wars-Themed Line of Batteries Are Here

Product images: Mimoco
Product images: Mimoco

My absolute least favorite part of 4G electronics is the constant power drain. So many conferences and conventions are in locations with poor reception, which means that my phone saps itself trying to find signal. If you have ever tried to find an outlet at a convention (or, God forbid, an airport), I’m sure you can feel my pain. Adding to that, upon finding the holy grail that is an available outlet, you are stuck in place while you recap.

I have tried portable recharging options before, and I’m often disappointed at the lack of style, convenience, and quality. Then I discovered Mimoco’s newest option: Star Wars mimoPowerTube. In four different styles, the aesthetics are easy to personalize. I am partial to Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber handle. The other styles include C-3PO, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper. Small enough that I can cover it with my hand, and light enough that it doesn’t even register in my pocket, the mimoPowerTube holds enough power to charge my iPhone once (despite advertising up to 1.5 charges), and does so speedily enough.

I’m giving one to each of my family members as Christmas presents this year. Keeping devices charged while traveling can be a hassle, and having four mimoPowerTubes means 4-6 fewer hours of devices out of commission while charging. I plug them in using my USB wall chargers at night, and we are good to go in the morning. There is a handy red/green LED which activated while the Tube is plugged in, showing the charged status. Green means 80% or higher, so you have to charge for an extra 20 minutes or so to fully charge the Tube.

The interchangeable charging tips include Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning, mini USB, micro USB, and Nokia mini chargers, which means versatility to charge phones, cameras, MP3 players, and more. The PowerTube also comes with a nice discreet velvety bag to hold all seven parts. I feel a little bit more like an indoor Boy Scout every time I use mine, especially when someone else needs a quick charge and I have a compatible charging tip.

For your non-Star Wars fan family members, there are other cleverly designed units, including Adventure Time and crayon (available in four colors).

Disclaimer: I received each of the Star Wars models for review purposes.

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