Your Mad GeekDad’s Holidays Lights Featuring the Postmodern Jukebox’s Blue Christmas

Hacking the Holidays Music Videos

If you’ve been a long-time GeekDad reader, you’ll know that I’m the Clark Griswold of my neighborhood. While our display is nothing compared to some of the massive setups you see during the holidays, I work hard to make use of all the available space in the front yard of our modest ranch-style house, and I have a lot of fun building the musical playlist to which we sync up the lights.

Indeed, each year I try to find one or two current tunes to include, so the kids can enjoy. This year, there are a couple of songs from Frozen included, which has already delighted some young viewers. Sadly, I can’t publish that video because it would get pulled down from YouTube for copyright abuse.

However, I’ve also used one song of the just-released Christmas album by my favoriate jazz-infused cover band, Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox (whom I’ve posted about before). This version of Blue Christmas with dueling stand-up basses is delightful (you can see the original video for it here), and it works great with the lights. I’m hoping Scott and the band will be delighted by having their song used for a holiday lights display.

I hope you enjoy – it’s not the best video, since it’s hard to get a wide-enough shot to see everything, and the flashy-flashy in the darkness messes with the phone cam.

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