For the Minecraft Fanatic in Your Life: Gameband Lets You Take Your Worlds With You

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Let’s get this out of the way to begin with: Gameband + Minecraft is NOT just a copy of Minecraft on a USB stick strapped to your wrist. What it IS is so much more. It’s a way for the Minecraft fan in your life (quite possibly YOU) to take your personal game of Minecraft with you WHEREVER YOU GO, without porting around your own computer.

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Let’s start with what it does: there are copies of Minecraft, plus a bunch of special pre-loaded content, that will play on most computers you’ll encounter (Windows, Mac, Linux), so you can play anywhere you can plug in. What’s really special is that whatever you do in a given session using the Gameband is automatically backed up to the Gameband, and if you have Internet connectivity, it’ll be backed up to the cloud as well (via Gameband’s servers). You’ll never lose your world again, and you can take it anywhere you want to go!

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You may have also noticed it’s a watch, and it has the software built in so that the user can tweak the LED-array display in any way they please. Because hackability is key!

As for the hardware: Gameband + Minecraft has a high-end watch strap made from durable thermoplastic polyurethane, a stainless-steel clasp (with Redstone design elements), USB 3.0 MLC drive technology (offering high-speed data transfer for gamers, and a 10x life-cycle compared to normal UBS drives) and a 140 LED-array display. And it’s splash-proof to IPX-4 – which means it can handle being worn if you get caught out in the rain (but we advise you take it off before playing with Super-Soakers).


The point is, it’s durable, and meant to be used and used! It’s the perfect wearable for the “kid” who loves Minecraft.

Price: $79.99 – Available at, or at Target, Gamespot, EBGames, and NewEgg.

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12 thoughts on “For the Minecraft Fanatic in Your Life: Gameband Lets You Take Your Worlds With You

  1. Okay, seriously… pretty darn cool. My son is a MC fanatic, and this would be one amazing gift.

  2. That DOES sound pretty cool. In edition to the obvious world files, does the usb drive have a copy of Minecraft that will run directly on the drive without having to download the executable? Does the computer you are using need java pre-installed?

  3. Price: $79.00. It isn’t on, but it is on

    I have gotten about a bazillion gift ideas from the GeekDads this year! Thank you. This one, however, will take the cake. My son will love it.


    1. But your kid is happy, the worlds are backed up on remote servers, and the images on the Gameband are programmable. Such a cool toy for an MC fanatic. Added bonus (!) is that the one computer in the kitchen can now be freed up, as my kid can take her worlds to the laptop. Totally buying this, will make my kid happy.

  4. Seems an awful lot of $ for an 8GB thumbdrive (worth $4) embedded into a bracelet. Also, to commenter above, it does not have Minecraft on it; you can store a world from Minecraft on it.

  5. @Jack Everitt. It does have Minecraft loaded on it, and the game is played (reads/writes) from the Gameband, so you can play it on any computer, whether it has MC downloaded on it or not. It does not come with a separate Minecraft license, perhaps that is where you were confused. Cheers!

  6. Bought it, and it works like a charm. I actually use it to control my kid’s computer time. MC is now only on the wristband, and he comes and gets it from me when he wants to play.

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