Christmas Comes Early With the Klei Steam Sale

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Various characters from Klei-published games including "Don't Starve", "Invisible, Inc", and "Darkest Dungeon".
Image: Klei/Steam (Though I added the part where they should be silent and accept my transaction.)

I somehow missed the initial wave of the Don’t Starve craze, not taking a closer look until I met with some Klei developers at PAX West 2016 to discuss their upcoming game, Oxygen Not Included. While I’ve since picked up Don’t Starve Together to play with my kids, if you haven’t yet, now is the perfect opportunity! The Klei publisher weekend sale on Steam has an impressive set of bundles and games available:

A scene from Don't Starve Together showing a number of characters in a fort around a fire.
In “Don’t Starve Together” you can enjoy a harsh existence with friends. The longest I’ve survived with my kids so far has been 8 days. We hope to build a fort one day! Image: Klei/Steam

These sales end 23 November (Monday), so you don’t have much time to think about it. But why are you bothering to think when you could be playing? Happy gaming!

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