Watch This: Best Yule Log Video Ever

Reading Time: 1 minute


Many of us geekier sort love to have some kind of fireplace yule log video running on the TV during the holidays. Yeah, it’s silly, but it adds a bit of comfort and doesn’t increase carbon emissions (not directly). Well, this year the Starz network, and specifically their hit show Outlander (all about a 20th-century nurse sucked back in time to 18th-century Scotland), has created their own wonderful version of a yule log video. This has the roaring fireplace of the Scottish manor that plays a big part in the show, with two wonderful dogs snuggled up on a run in front. All I want is to be sitting on a big wing-backed chair off to the side, with a mug of mulled wine.

You can check out the 90-minute video online, and you can even catch a bit of it on television on Christmas Day, in advance of their Outlander Marathon.

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