Get Your Phorce Freedom Bag by Christmas

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Next month I’ll be joining GeekDad’s own big cheese, Ken Denmead, in Las Vegas for CES 2015. And I’m already kind of freaking out about what to pack. Specifically, in addition to finding space for all my clothes and toiletries, I also need to safely transport my essential tech — iPhone, MacBook Air, Nintendo 3DS XL and Kindle — while simultaneously keeping it all charged.

In the past I’ve simply tossed a travel charger into my carry-own and hoped for the best, but this is a full week on the go, complete with tons of walking, talking, interviews and (hopefully) a few relaxing moments to catch up on my comics.

That’s why the Phorce Freedom caught my eye. This little bag promises to be lightweight and transformable (from backpack to messenger bag to briefcase), and it sports a hidden 15,000 mAh power bank that claims to keep two smart devices going for one week on a single charge.

While I haven’t yet got to put it to the test, a review unit is headed my way. Still, as Phorce promises that anyone ordering the Freedom on or before December 19th gets free shipping and guaranteed delivery by December 25th, it seemed like the kind of thing worth pointing out.

Promotional materials provided by: Phorce

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