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With less than 7 days left, if you’ve got a young maker in your household you’re going to want to check out the Ingocraft Kickstarter project. My 4-year-old enjoys making things, but tools like screwdrivers and nuts and bolts are just too complex for his little hands. He likes LEGO and Tinkertoy pieces,┬ábut he does get frustrated when his little designs fall apart.

Ingocraft is offering up a kit of parts that allows young makers to not only create parts that stay put, but more parts can be printed on a 3D printer… and both my boys are completely fascinated by my 3D printer and the things I print out. Add the Ingos (the name for the Ingocraft parts) to that list as well as the app that well let my sons first design on the screen and then convert their designs to real-world objects with physical parts they snap and bolt together.

You can read my initial review of Ingocraft here. And if you think you have a child who would enjoy it, please go back it. The Ingocraft team is very close to its funding goal, but it still needs help. If you’ve got grandparents asking what they can get your child for Christmas, remember that the team is stating a December 2014 deliverable date.

Here’s a link to the actual Kickstarter… and best of luck to the team!


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