Game Trayz Euphoria

Win a copy of Euphoria With Game Trayz!

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Game Trayz Euphoria
Game Trayz for Euphoria keeps everything sorted and in place. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

One of our favorite things at Gen Con this year was actually an accessory rather than a game itself: Game Trayz. Created by Noah Adelman, these are high-quality plastic trays designed specifically for a game. So far there are only a couple in the line, but the tray for Euphoria, a worker-placement game from Stonemaier Games, is absolutely fantastic.

But don’t take my word for it: now you can win a copy of the game with the tray. Just visit the Game Trayz website or Facebook page and enter to win before November 15. Also, if you happen to be attending BGG.Con next week, look for Adelman and the Game Trayz there!

And for those of you Kickstarting or otherwise publishing board games, I’ll put in this personal plea: put some thought into your box inserts if you have lots of bits. Get in touch with Adelman before you launch (see the New Salem Kickstarter), and you could have the Game Trayz be one of your game’s selling points.

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