Kickstarter Alert: Loaded Dice Combines RPG Players’ Two Favorite Things

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Loaded Dice
I know which one I’d rather roll! (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

My first thought when I saw the Loaded Dice Kickstarter was “Huh. That’s a unique concept. I can see the appeal though.”

When I received the sample d20 pint glass a few days later, I thought “Wow. That’s a nice bit of solidly geeky barware, I could probably use a couple more of these.”

My thought a little while later, after “rolling” a 20, was “hEy! LooKIT thAt! ThEr’r a bunch of ’em here already! Tha’s so FASt!”

Loaded Dice is a fun Kickstarter campaign dreamt up by Mat Nicholoson and GeekDad John Hex Carter’s Screech Dragon Studios. The concept is straight forward – take standard barware: pints, old fashioneds, shot glasses, etc., emboss them with a cool design, then put die markings on the back at each ounce line. Now, instead of throwing dice around, you can take one good, long pull on a pint to find out your initiative roll.

Loaded Dice
Works best with darker brews and beers with a couple of extra ounces in the can. Custom Trandoshan not included. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

The concept is simultaneously genius and ridiculous. After all, one’s drinking capacity is much more predictable than a die roll…but depending on what’s in those glasses, you could find your campaign over pretty quickly if you consistently try for crits. The glasses themselves are very nice. The pint glass I received is thick-walled and doesn’t feel like it will shatter the first time I smack it on the table after a particularly good roll. The design is eye catching and will come with distinct colors for each size of glass. Each dice denomination is based on its size:

Loaded Dice
Don’t throw away your shot. (Image Credit: Screech Dragon Studios)
  • Shot glass – four-sided
  • Double shot glass – six-sided
  • Beer sampler – eight-sided
  • Tumbler – ten-sided
  • Old fashioned – twelve-sided
  • Pint – twenty-sided

(Personally, I want to see a d64 Growler to cap off the set.)

Prices are reasonable for custom barware, with pledges starting at $12 for a single pint glass. $20 gets you a pint glass and any companion glass of your choice. $50 levels get you five pint glasses (a d100) or a set that includes all six individual glasses. Announced earlier today, you’ll also be able to add extra individual glasses to your pledge.

Using Loaded Dice for all your rolls can have...unintended consequences (Image Credit: Screech Dragon Studios)
Using Loaded Dice for all your rolls can have…unintended consequences (Image Credit: Screech Dragon Studios)

The other big news today was an actual D&D campaign that employs the Loaded Dice! It’s the perfect companion to an already fun campaign. Current backers are already suggesting additional stretch goals such as coasters (which I’d appreciate, being glass, they do have a tendency to sweat). And while Screech Dragon is focused on getting Loaded Dice to production, they aren’t afraid of adding stretch goals to help push things across the line.

Loaded Dice
Loaded Dice in their natural environment. Ironically ‘Edge of the Empire’ is one of the games it will not work with. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

So if you’ve ever sighed at yet another request to roll from the GM or just wished that you had an excuse to down your drink faster, head over to the Loaded Dice Kickstarter and get your pledge in. Because anything that combines adult gamers’ love of drinking with their love of rolling is a beautiful thing.

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