A Real Time Strategy Game… With Squirrels

Reading Time: 1 minute


The advent of the capacitive touchscreen has lead to a veritable Renaissance in strategy gaming, and the ample real estate of contemporary tablets has given game designers an even broader canvas on which to paint.  Thus it is with no small amount of fanfare that I introduce the very pinnacle of the iPad RTS, SquirrelWarz.

Ok, maybe I’m overstating things just a tad, and, in the spirit of full disclosure, my super art homie Doctor Popular was one of the creative minds behind this particular endeavor — which should come as no surprise once you get a load of the title’s cool watercolor visuals and quirky soundtrack. Still, I was afforded an early peak at the game, and I can confirm that SquirrelWarz is among the most ridiculously charming of casual diversions.

SquirrelWarz will be available later today via iTunes for a cool 99 cents, with an additional expansion featuring more maps and another squirrel breed costing $1.99. In the meantime, check out the project’s official site for all the furry details.

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