nintendo ar eshop cards

Nintendo Adds AR to eShop Cards


nintendo ar eshop cards

I may be in the minority, but I like currency cards for my various console (and handheld) download shops. Many times I can pick them up at the local electronics big box on sale for less than face value, and, with the recent rash of┬ácompromised user data from big names in retail and entertainment, I’m a little more reserved with my credit card info┬áthan I once was.

Nintendo’s eShop cards have long been a staple in my house — rather for hoarding Virtual Console games for myself or rewarding the kids with a little credit of their own — and the Big N has recently added a cool new collectible angle to the classic card design. Available now at Target are a trio of new $10 eShop cards featuring bonus AR pack-in cards that bring Mario, Peach and a Goomba to life via the new Photos with Mario 3DS application.

It’s a cool concept that adds a little fun to padding your gaming budget, while simultaneously reminding fans of an interesting but long underutilized system feature.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Nintendo of America

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