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Kickstarter Reminder: Air Rocket Toys

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Rocket Glider

My friend Rick Schertle is down to less than four days for his Kickstarter… and he is SO close to funding. He’s attempting to raise $25,000 and they’re nearing the $20k mark, but they sure could use your help.

The Air Rocket Toys Kickstarter Project

Rick’s passionate about teaching kids how to make things and how things work. He’s been a common sight at the California Maker Faire for many years, with hundreds, possibly even thousands of kids enjoying the chance to make and launch rockets. His new design is safe and much easier to assemble than version 1.0; trust me!

If you’ve already got a launcher, please consider backing at the $28 level and getting yourself one of the fancy new Glider-Rockets… goes up like a rocket, wings pop out, and glides down so you can do it all over again. Rick’s design for the launcher is solid and will last you for years to come. And the best part about the rockets and glider-rockets is how inexpensive they are to make. They’re hard to destroy, but if you do… just make another one.

You can find all the details about Rick’s Kickstarter here (as well as my original post on the Air Rocket Toys KS here). Even if you’re not in the market for a launcher or rocket, please consider backing at the $5 level — if just 1000 geek dads can do that, Rick’s Kickstarter will be a success (and he’ll have one really cool extra event to celebrate this weekend for Father’s Day).

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